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Ensuring that the connection between your vehicle's transmission and its engine remains protected is necessary for the proper performance of your automobile. With clutch repair in San Antonio, TX, from our automotive experts, your vehicle's transmission will be fully restored to its best operating condition for a safer and smoother ride. Here at A & M Total Car Care, our ASE certified technicians specialize in the repair of clutches for domestic and foreign vehicles alike. When you choose our shop as your destination for clutch repairs, you can be confident that your vehicle's transmission will function properly in no time, no matter where your vehicle was manufactured.

Clutch in San Antonio, TX

Our Clutch Repair Mechanic Delivers Smoother Gear Shifting

Your automobile's transmission connects its wheels and engine to the power that makes them work together. Vehicles with a manual transmission use a clutch that handles the two shafts responsible for the connection between the transmission and the engine, which is used to pull the pressure plate from the flywheel when the clutch has been disengaged. During this process, the transmission is separated from the engine, which is later rejoined once the clutch is engaged.

If you should happen to detect any problems with this part of your vehicle's operation, be sure to turn to our clutch repair mechanic as quickly as possible for a free estimate on the total price of our services. We proudly bring more than 30 years of extensive automotive experience working with a wide variety of vehicles to each repair we perform, so you can be rest assured that your automobile is in dependable hands when you visit our shop for a repair.

Get the Service You Need from Our Clutch Repair Shop

With a visit to our clutch repair shop, your vehicle will receive a thorough assessment of its clutching mechanism from our expert staff to determine the source of the specific issues affecting its performance. Once we've chosen the most suitable option for fixing your clutch, we move on with the repair process. Depending on how extensive the damage to your clutch is, we will either suggest a repair or a clutch replacement. We gladly offer military members and senior citizens a 10% discount on all of our services, so be sure to ask us about how you can save more with us when you visit our shop for clutch service.

Contact our staff to discover more about our clutch repair services. We serve clients in San Antonio, Brooks Base, Harlandale, and Lackland AFB, Texas.

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