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Your vehicle's driveshaft utilizes a rotating mechanical tube that transfers the torque created by its transmission directly into the differential. Since they transfer a great deal of torque and load by using force and high-speed vibrations, your driveshafts must remain strong, lightweight, and vibration-free for a smooth and powerful performance on the road ahead.

If you feel an intense vibrating sensation when your vehicle accelerates or you hear clunking, rattling, or squeaking noises, then it could be time for your automobile to receive driveshaft repair. In San Antonio, TX, our transmission technicians at A & M Total Car Care offer a full range of services for both domestic and foreign automobiles. When your vehicle has shown any of the previously mentioned symptoms, make sure to visit us as quickly as possible to keep your automobile running smoothly in the future.

Rely on Our Driveshaft Repair Shop for High-Quality Service

The crew of experts at our driveshaft repair shop has more than 30 years of mechanic experience repairing a wide range of vehicles. In that time, we've encountered a great broad variety of issues involving every component of transmissions imaginable. Vehicles that utilize rear-wheel drive have shafts that run the full length of their body from the transmission to the rear differential.

This unique system shifts the power from the engine to the transmission and on to the rear differential, causing the vehicle's rear wheels to turn. Our ASE certified mechanics are fully qualified to detect any type of issue involving this part of your automobile, and we accordingly have all of the resources and equipment needed to restore your driveshaft to its full potential.

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Undo Natural Wear & Tear with an Auto Driveshaft Repair

Your vehicle's driveshaft accumulates natural wear and tear over time, which hinders it from turning and steering as it should if the problem is not addressed in time. With help from our auto driveshaft repair technicians, your vehicle's yokes, axles, CV joints, and U-joints will function together to ensure that you'll be able to enjoy smoother turning and steering without resistance.

When you arrive at our driveshaft shop, we begin by offering you a free estimate for the overall cost of any repairs necessary, and our team of skilled mechanics will be glad to answer any questions you may have. We give a special 10% discount to members of the military and senior citizens, so don't forget to inform us when you qualify for these money-saving opportunities.

Contact us for more information about the driveshaft repair service our mechanics offer. We serve clients in San Antonio, Brooks Base, Harlandale, and Lackland AFB, Texas.

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