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If you've found it difficult to shift your vehicle's gears, then there's a good chance that you need manual transmission repair. In San Antonio, TX, our crew of ASE certified technicians at A & M Total Car Care offers prompt solutions for foreign and domestic vehicles alike, so you can count on us to solve any issues caused by your automobile's faulty manual transmissions. Since issues with manual transmissions require significantly more attention than automatic transmission counterparts, it's easier for us to detect any problems involving the clutch or other components of your operating system.

While manual transmissions use less moving parts and require less maintenance, it's still essential for all of the pieces to function at their full potential to ensure so that you'll be able to keep driving safely in the future. After we provide a complete assessment and diagnosis of your vehicle's transmission, our mechanics will provide a free estimate for the cost of the services required. All of our transmission repairs are eligible for an automatic discount of 10% off (up to $200) of the total price, so be sure to request specific details when you visit our shop.

Thorough Manual Transmission Repair Service at the Source

In our more than 30 years of hands-on automotive experience, our crew has developed all of the skills necessary to deliver a complete range of manual transmission repair service options. When an external adjustment is insufficient for the restoration of your manual transmission's optimal performance, we will carefully disassemble the transmission in order to detect the source of the issue and provide the necessary solutions for restoring the faulty components in your system.

Car with a Manual Transmission in San Antonio, TX

Put Your Trust in Our Manual Transmission Mechanic Staff

Each manual transmission mechanic who works for us has been certified by the ASE to provide service for a wide range of makes and models. We are proud to be advanced professionals and accordingly strive to maintain the standard of performance we've come to be known for over the years. When you visit our manual transmission repair shop, we work our hardest to ensure that your vehicle will operate smoothly and function its best again in no time.

Contact us for more information about our manual transmission repair. We serve clients in San Antonio, Brooks Base, Harlandale, and Lackland AFB, Texas.

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